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Optimizing Analytics Application

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I am finding difficult to enable optimized mode for my analytics application. Please provide more suggestions for optimizing the analytics application

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi vaishanavibashyam ,

If you are looking to enable the Optimized Story Experience, steps are listed in this blog post:

Additionally, you can refer to the help guide for best tips to optimize performance in analytic applications:

Hope this helps!

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You can do these things in your analytic app, which will help improve your analytic application's performance.

1. Try to reduce the codes. (If the same codes are repeated many times then try to put the codes in a function. It will help to improve the performance.

2. Try to reduce the number of charts and tables. if multiple charts uses the same measures then try to use one chart instead of multiple, because we can easily change the dimension members which are applied to the chart.

3. Try to use loops and conditional statements as low as possible.

4. Try to use only one popup, because these is a glitch in SAC. Try to do all the operations in one popup by custom JavaScript codes.