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Openui5 navigation list namespace issue

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I am trying to make this sample from Openui5 work by removing the SAP namespace -


I have removed the below line from view.


I also replaced all instances of "sap.tnt.sample.NavigationList" with "NavigationList" in component, view and controller. I get a blank page.

I also changed the namespace to "a.b" but it doesnt work.

I have kept all the files in same directory.

The original Openui5 sample page is

What am i doing wrong ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Deppak,

you cannot do that, one thing is the app namespace, this is something that it's yours and you can configure it as you wish (I suggest you to create the sample app on the WebIDE following the wizard).

Another thing is the namespace that you have changed, that namespace is the namespace of the controls used inside the sample and is defined by SAP when they created those controls.

NavigationList and NavigationListItem controls are inside the "sap.tnt" namespace. When you remove that namespace from your sample the framework simply does not know where he needs to find those controls.

I would suggest you to start learning the framework following this blog post: What do you need to start learning SAPUI5?


Thanks Emanuele - I guess I will create in wizard in WebIDE and go from there to understand namespace concepts.

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