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opening a form

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hi all,

we can open a form by using Open_form Fm directly so what

is the advantage of opening form using Start_form fm? or in which case

it is reqired to open a form using Start_form?

ie whether there is any difference between opening a form using

Start_form & Open_form. ?

plz make it clear.

thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Open form printing - Must be called before working with any of the other form function modules.

call function 'OPEN_FORM'.....

Must be ended with function module CLOSE FORM

*To begin several indentical forms containing different data within a single spool request, begin each form using START_FORM, and end it using END_FORM

call funtion 'START_FORM'.....

Write text elements to a window of the form

call function 'WRITE_FORM'.....

Ends form

call funtion 'END_FORM'.....

Closes form printing

call function 'CLOSE_FORM'....

1. For sapscript,

OPEN_FORM (intializes the printing)

CLOSE_FORM (finally displays the output)

is a must for printing/displaying the layout.

2. START_FORM, END_FORM (are optional)

are only required,



We can use only one Open_Form and Close_Form.

But we can use as many as Start_form and End_Form.

start_form using this we can open many layoutses

open_form using this we can open the layout

Open_form => It assign the form and printer, It should be first.

Start_form => It start Writing mode. You can use write_form in loop to write more than one lines befor End_form.

End_form => It end writing mode of current page and will require to start again through Start_form.

Close_form=> it end the Form. After this you can not start again for created file.

Feel free to revert back.

Any confusions?


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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thanks for ur reply

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Open form:Is must for any print program.

Startform: This can be avoided if u are using a single layout.If u are using more than one layou then u should use START_FORM.

Let me know if I am not clear.


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hi ravindranath

if its a single layout only then whether

we can use only Open_form to open a layout instead of

opening a layout using start_form?

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Hi Sanjeev,

The FM OPEN_FORM is mandatory to open a form.

OPEN_FORM --> It will opens the form from first page onwards

START_FORM --> it will also opens a form from the specifices page onwards

Let take a scenario, Where you want dispaly the same page in Portriant and Landscape. The start form will helps you. That means

open_form --> opens a from with portraint

start_form --> opens a from with lanscape


Bhupal Reddy

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thanks for ur reply but confusing.

plz elaborate it