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Opendocument Url


Dear All,

Instead of using custom.jsp, can i use another file(test.jsp) with different name to create logontoken and call opendocument url by adding that logontoken to see the report in sap web i. Custom.jsp file internally generates logontoken based on credentials and other info. and calls opendoc url.

Can anyone suggest on this.



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what version of Business Objects Enterprise are you using?

There have been some issues with sViewer=fiori in older versions. Try removing that from the URL and see if the document displays using the HTML viewer.

Also, try right-clicking on the report in BILaunchpad and copy the Opendocument link from there and ensure it works and is the same as what you are building in the my_custom.jsp file.

If you are logging on in your jsp file and creating a token you can pass it on the url "....?token=<thelogontoken>
If you are creating a serialized session, then it could be too long to pass on the URL: