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OpenDocument and SSO with Vintela

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i have a problem with Opendocument. I enabled SSO with Vintela method for JSP application on windows Active Directory. I configured users login Infoview, using Active directory credentials, and the system functions very well.

After infoview logon ( without logon screen ) i have to open a report launching Opendocument, but the system require me credentials again ( if i put AD credentials Logon happens sucessfully, but i want login without logon screen ).

Now, I applied SAP Note 1251945 - When accessing URL's from OpenDocument users are prompted to enter their login credentials, to modify web.xml of OpenDocument application, and I added keytab parameter also,





where C:\.... is the path of my keytab file.

After I finished to modify web.xml file, Opendocument application doesn't start; I forced starting from tomcat manager but without success.

How can i resolve my problem?

Goal: my users must open reports passing from Opendocument, starting form Infoview.


Edited by: Roberto Cassoni on Sep 16, 2009 1:57 PM

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I'm going to add new informations about problem of my post.

From stdout.log of Tomcat logs i read this phrase:

" GRAVE: Exception starting filter authFilter

com.wedgetail.idm.sso.ConfigException: Must specify a keytab using 'idm.keytab' or 'com.wedgetail.idm.sso.password'

at com.wedgetail.idm.sso.util.Util.getKeyTab("

I specified keytab file and OpenDocument doesn't start.

I commented the argument of Keytab file and Opendocument doesn't start.


Who can help me?

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OK, I resolved.

I followed SAP Note 1251945, but it's not correct.

I Followed SAP note, but I had to correct some variable by myself.

Thanks to me

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Hi Roberto,

I'm facing the exact same problem on my BOBJ XI 3.1 install. I can't get the OpenDocument service to start no matter what I try. Can you please tell me what variables you changed to get it to work?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi there,

Does anyone know how to get this working in the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 version?

OpenDocument with SSO (Vintela).

BI 4.0 version has property files instead of web.xml files.

I'm just wondering how you do the equivalent of SAP note 1251945 for BI 4.0.