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open tabs in IDM Dev Studio

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Hi all,

something's really annoying me working in IDM dev studio (Eclipse Oxygen). When I open e.g. a IDM job, the editor opens a new tab on the right side. Now, I try to open a job pass and it is opened on the left side where the IDM structure is shown instead on the right side, just beside of the job definition as a second tab.. this is driving me nuts x_x I did not find a setting which defines that all "editor tabs" should be opened on the right side, so I can always see the tree structure. In another IDM running with Eclipse Neon I do not have this "feature".

Any ideas?

Regards, Richard

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Hi Richard,

I have installed Oxygen on both my computer and a server. On my computer (Windows 7) it stays like it is and on the server (Windows 2008 server) it behaves like you describe. I cannot remember it exactly how I managed it to stay on my computer. I think it's somewhere in either Eclipse options or the workspace in some file.

File I meant:


I thought it was in there, but no. Some other files, maybe.

Normally it should be saved when exiting, but don't know whether they have to be open or already closed at re.opening Eclipse. Maybe it's a save workspace option of Eclipse itself