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Open Orders and COPA Cube

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I have a specific requirement, where we want to add open orders from sales to the existing COPA cube and also we want Existing Open order/sales pipeline reports in SAP to be moved into BI.

Can any one help me on how to go about this and what should be the best apporoach to achieve this task.

Any help technically and functionally will be very helpful



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don't load open orders in the same infocube. Create a new one.

there are two options:

1. copy the ERP-report to a datasource. and load every day this data to a infocube.

2. look at the LO datasources in LBWE. calculate the open orders with

- order receipt

- reason for rejection

- order status

- deliveries



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Hi Swen,

Thanks for the reply and suggested methods.

What do you mean by copying the report to the datasource? What is the process for that?

Second how to calculate the open orders from the fields listed by you. Can you elaborate on this and give me the complete solution to begin.