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Open model in a PopUp window

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I have created a component which contain a button named 'open model'.

The buuton action is to open a model in a pop up window. This model is not part of my project but an external one.

I do not want to use a NonModel function.

What is the right code to do so?


Matan Barak

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Answers (3)

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Hi Matan,

I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to do here. My guess is that you want to replace the screen you are looking at with this pop-up window and return to it ones you are ready.

I would do the following:

  • If you are using a component in another DC: Add the external component to the public part of the DC

  • Add the external DC to the used DC list of the component

  • Add the external component as a used webdynpro component.

  • Create a view with a ViewContainerUIElement in the component where you want to use the external component.

  • Add the window of the exernal component to the window in the using component.

The external window will now be visible in the component.


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Hi ,

Thanks for you answer but I need to open it as a model and a non model.

is ther ea was to do it?



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IWDWindow win = wdComponentAPI.getWindowManager().createNonModalExternalWindow(URL, title);