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Open Hub with dynamic call of parameters

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Dear all,

how can I call or schedule a Open Hub Service with dynamic parameters.


0CALMONTH = 03.2005 for today.

For next month it would be 04.2005.

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Answers (4)

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Hi Chiwing,

You could try this. The table that contains the selection options for all the infospokes is RSBSPOKESELSET. You could create a process chain that first executes an ABAP code and changes the selection of the infospoke based on current date and then runs the infospoke.

This table is a simple one with just one join and anyway you will only be modifying the fields and not adding or deleting records from it that might make it unstable.

Points to remember:

1. If you change your infospoke, you will have to change the code as well.

2. Put in a check in the code to first verify whether the infospoke and the infoobject exists before executing.

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Hi Somnath,

This solution of thought is looking great! Please let us know if any one has got a chance to implemet this successfully.



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I had implemented a similar approach some time ago. Note that there are two tables, RSBSPOKESELSET and RSBSPOKEVSELSET. You need to change the values in both tables (at least under 3.0/3.1). Also note that there may be different versions in the table. RSBSPOKEV gives you the current version.

We finally didn't use this solution because we needed to run the same spoke with different selections parallel. So we selected the data from the cube directly via RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ based on the Open Hub definition and created files by ourselves.

Best regards


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Thank you. This is useful info for me.

- Hari

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Dear all,

many thanks for your quick answer.

Regards Chiwing.

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Your best bet is to create an InfoProvider (usually an ODS) that has just the data you need.

e.g. overall invoice items ODS to feed an ODS with just one day's data. process chain deletes the day's data ODS after extract each day.


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Hello Chan,

unfortunately it is not possible at the moment to use variables in the selection in a InfoSpoke.

A workaround could be to use the RSCRM_BAPI transaction.

Hope this helps... thanks for some points.


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Hi Chan,

It would be great to have this possible, but SAP mentions that only single values and intervals are possible as selections. Some other options are:

1. Allow the InfoSpoke to be changed in the Production system so that you can change the Selections.

2. Use the BADI...but in this case it will not be very efficient as you will have to extract all and then select few.

3. Use the APD - transaction RSANWB. This allows you to run a query with your selections and populate a data target like ODS.

Hope this helps...