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Open a Dev/Quality to make config changes VS. Junk Transport until Quality

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Hi Experts

Scenario : As a part of testing, we have to make config changes until Quality only.

Question : 1) Is it better to create a junk transport OR opening the Quality system to do config


2) Is there any way of clearing junk transports?

I would like to know which is the safest route to approach in this scenario.

Thanks for your response.


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Answers (3)

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In my opinion:

If it is transportable (aside from manual creation of transports), then it should be transported. This is proper Change Management. Anything else is usually just shortcuts to save time or energy.

If you donu2019t want the transport to go beyond the Quality system, you have several options.

- mark the transport description as u201Cdo not send to productionu201D (and hope someone reads it)

- after moving, remove the transport from any/all transport queues

- after moving to Quality, (archive) delete the OS files for that transport

When the test is over, you follow the transport with a second one that u2018reversesu2019 the changes.

Of course, if you are talking about a hundred changes/transports, than dealing with transports may not be feasible and you should consider a Sandbox environment.

If the testing is valid, using transports should help with documentation for when you are ready to go to production. Otherwise, some steps may be missed.

If you must open the Quality system, then at least automatic transports should be created there for review by the Change Management team.

Hope this helps.


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I would like to prefer you to creat transport requests in DEV and move them to quality, instead of doing changes in quality. so that functional guys can have a chance to check 2 times for the customizing objects.

and removing junk transports yes you can delete them but the logic is if you move them in to quality then the changes will take effect immediately in quality then u need not to bother abt that transport can delete or u can leave it but, the thing is if you want the same changes in production as well then u have to keep the requests.


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Sorry, you'll have to rephrase that... I don't understand the question.