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i have question,

what is the meaning of OO ABAP,

Please some one give the detail information,



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Basically there are two kind of programming, one is structural programming and the other one is Object Oriented Programming. Structural programming is older in concept and as the name says, it is based on structure. Ex. Fortran, Perl, C, C# and ABAP are all structural programming, you call different function or FM.

In OO programming:

Everything is an object, let's say you want to create a car... then a car by itself is an object and it is a combination of different small object (Tire, Steering wheel.....). OO is based on creating of class and the class define the property of an object. Once you create the class, you create an object of the class. The main advantage of OO programming is (Inheritance, Incapsulation, Polyimorphism). Everything is based on class and the super class of everything is Object. SAP defined some class and here you can inherit some or all the properties of the SAP defined class and you define your own class, based on that class you can create you own object.

Hope I didn't confuse you a lot, but remember OO is a newer concept which gives you a lot more adv. compared to the old structural programming. Now every other language is becoming OO, you will find C++, Perl... all have the OO concept attached to their compiler, that is why ABAP is also coming with this concept.