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Only get Part of SAPListOfVariables("ALL")

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Hello Experts:

I have a requirement right now that the client only wants to see part of the prompt in a designated cell above the main report view. So the report would look like below

Report 1: Top 10 Customer

Month: Jan 2012                        Company Code: 2110

Main reports Body Below

Can anyone help me.

Thanks a bunch


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Answers (2)

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Actually I figured it out. Thanks for the link.

it is simple. I only needed

=SAPGetDimensionInfo("DS_1", "0PSTNG_DATE", "Name") For the text

=SAPGetDimensionEffectiveFilter("DS_1", "0PSTNG_DATE", "Name") For the key.

Instead of using SAPGetVariable which keep on giving me errors.



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Dear Maria,

have you tried =SAPGetVariable("DS_1";"0BW_VAR";"Description")?( Substituting the 0BW_VAR with the technical name of your variable). There are more options for the display parameter, please check the documentation for more information.

Another very nice approach using a macro can be found in Olaf Fischer's article

"Anaylsis Office 1.1 - Using the VBA APIs - Looping across an API result".

Hope this helps!