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Only edit objects from package in local requests

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Hello Experts,

could you help me please

a user has tried to transport a local request, I modified it by putting the target system, but when the user wants to release it, he gets the error massage "Only edit objects from package in local requests "

Thanks a lot

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Answers (2)

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When you are creating any TR, it asks for field inputs like TR description, project group, target group etc.

Here, if you leave 'target group' blank, the TR is created as a local change request.

You should give target group as the transport group which is configured for your landscape.


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Follow the steps.

1. Create a new transport request

2. Select include objetcts

3. Object list from request and select your tranport request

4. Release the Transport request and transport.

If don't work try this other case:

1. Run tcode SE01

2. Create a new "Transport of copies"

3. Into the request, choose menu "request/task -> object list -> include objects

4. Include your transport request

5. Add the target system and release the request.

If you get any error put here


William Neira

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thank you William

I created a new OT as you 've indicated and it has released successfully.

But when I create a new OT, it's created as a local request.

do you have an idea please to solve the problem permanently without creating a query with the type " Transport of copies" every time.

Thx a lot

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It is only for little objects that should be include in transport of copies, normally you only create a transport request customizing o workbench for transport.


William neira

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I think the problem you are facing is because you are creating the transport request in a consolidation or a delivery system.



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to resolve the problem i created a virtual system.

thx a lot at all