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One Portal System to Multiple R/3 Backend via ITS

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Current environment as follows;

EP6.0 SP16, R/3 4.7 on WAS 6.20 (Not Netweaver), ITS 6.20.

We are using ESS and MSS functionality via Portal==>ITS==>R/3.

For the development, QA, and training R/3 systems, we would like to use to one Portal system. Of course a second portal system for the production landscape. My questions are;

1. Can we connect multiple R/3 systems to one portal for running ESS and MSS?

2. Do we need dedicated ITS systems for each R/3 system or can the ITS be shared?

thanks in anticipation of your responses


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ragoobir,

Yes you can connect multiple R/3 systems to one portal.

Yes you need to have dedicated ITS systems for each R/3 system.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Yes you can have multiple R/3 connecting to portal.

create all R/3e entries in SLD

Then in your application configuration, you need to select which one you want to use it


Jawahar Govindaraj

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Hi mate,

as far as I know, you can use your portal to connect to only on SAP system for ESS/MSS functionality.

There's a simple reason for this - system alias SAP_R3_HumanResources.

That's the point, where ESS/MSS looks.

ITS cannot be shared, you have to have separate instance for each R3 system.

To sum-up:

1) no

2) yes, you need dedicated ITS instance for each R3 system



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Hi Ragoobir

If you have a big enough box you can install 3 portal instances on the server DEV , QA , TRAIN