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One portal on server Unix and Windows servers?

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EP Gurus:

We have a EP7 (JAVA only and on AIX ) with 10 K users. It is very slow.

To improve the performance, we plan to add several DIs (JAVA only and on Windows NT) to the EP on CI.

So the landscape would be:

Web Dispatcher -

EP7 (CI + several DI) on Unix and Windows -


Any pros and cons on this design?

Points guaranteed. Thanks!

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Answers (1)

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Hi Jennifer,

Is this possible?

Offcourse every installation has an OS dependent and independent part but I think you could run into some weard stuff.

One of the first things that happens when a Instance is started is the step "Synchronizing Binaries" maybe some other SDN member can fill me in here.

Another thing is the systemuser your SCS and CI are running with a unix userid (<sid>adm) while your windows DI installation requires MS Windows users to operate, how are you going to do that?

Anyway I think its good to get in contact with SAP about this because even if it would technically be possible to implement when something brakes down in lets say a month or so you must be sure that SAP will support this configuration.

Good luck and I'm very interested in the outcome of it...


Benjamin Houttuin

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Hi Jennifer,

didn't we discuss this already ()?