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One app server still shows old kernel version after kernel upgrade

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Hello All,

WE have upgraded kernel version from 753_REL - 215 to 753_REL 400 in 7 app servers of our ECC production system.

However after kernel upgrade, the disp+work in app 4 shows the latest while release notes in SAP - SM51 shows old (215)version.

The other servers are fine. This problem is only with app 4. Please help!



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Hello Uday,

Confirm that all the servers are accessing the same "SYS/global/exe/..." folder structure and look for any issues at the "sapcpe*.log" files under the "work" folder of the affected instance.

You could also provide the "sapcpe*.log" files in this thread, as well as the profiles for the affected instance, so we can take a look and see whether we spot anything.




Hi Udaya,

You need to update the kernel in central directory which should be
\\<SAPGLOBALHOST>\sapmnt\QPC\SYS\exe\uc\<OS> - on Windows and with forward slash (/) on Unix

and restart entire SAP system. sapcpe program then should automatically copy updated kernel from central directory to instance specific directory: \usr\sap\<SID>\<INSTANCE>\exe

If above don't work, that points an issue with sapcpe copying updated kernel. Technically you can manually copy/update kernel in each instance specific directory but ideally you shouldn't need to.

Best Regards,
Kashyap Shah

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Hi Uday.

1. Have you copied the kernel files in CI share folder \usr\sap\SID\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64\ ?

2. After updated the folder, start the SAP application instance . Could you share the CI & app instance OS / DB deteails?