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On Lead Select of the row of one table, populate another table

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Hi Experts,

Suppose the context of my view is:




-CustomerChildNode(Cardinality 1..n)




Now Suppose I have two tables-Table1 and Table2.

The Table1 is bound to CustomerNode

and its having two columns- Name(Bound to CustomerName)

and Description(Bound to Customer Description)

The Table2 is bound to CustomerChildNode

and its having 3 columns-FirstValue(Bound to firstValue)

SecondValue(Bound to secondValue)

ThirdValue(bound to thirdValue)

Now, on the lead select of the rows of the Table1,table2 should get populated with values.

How can this be achieved?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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i think you can create one action and attach that with the property onLeadSelection().

with regards

shanto aloor

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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On changing the singleton property of CustomerChildNode to false, my problem got solved. I was able to add mutiple rows of CustomerChildNode for a single row of CostomerNode. Thanks everyone for your useful answers.

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Plz refer this document...for your requirement....

Hope this helps,



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Hi, Monideepa Das.

I think you must create supply function for CustomerChildNode and write there your code for populating the second table.

When you select a record in first table, current element of CostomerNode changes and CustomerChildNode invalidates. If the second table bound to CustomerChildNode supply function will be executed automatically.