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How can I change the OLI7BW screen to extract by date range?

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Answers (3)

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u can run based on the document range.

Try to collect the document range for those specific dates from the base tables based on Changed on and created on dates from VBAK, VBAP... and then u can use these documents in Setup table filling for the sales..

Or u can run based on the company code.. or sales org like this.. but in ur case u need to use the document range..

I hope this is clear to u.


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You can't run by date range but you can run using Sales order doc nos.

Check out the doc no for the date range and run.

First delete the setup table using lbwg(application 11-orders)

Then fillup



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To run the satistical setup.

data pull to data base table to setuptable.

at the you give the run name and date and time


The name under which the determined data is saved.

If you restart a run that has been terminated, rather than executing a new run, it will use the data that has already been determined, i.e. the next run will be carried out with the data that was selected up to the specified termination date and time.


The date by which the run must be carried out.

to give past time and run the satistical setup.


Time, up to which the run is carried out.

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