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Old SAP Backup details with DB size in oracle

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Dear All,

We have a request from client to extract all backup related data from last one year with information like backup size, number of backups in particular month, LC DB backup size & log area backup size but issue is that we have standard Cleanuplogs job scheduled weekly which is deleting old backup logs from system  & we had cleaned up the DB calender last month during one project activity so no old information available in Db13.

Please let me know if there is any alternate to extract the required info from SAP system or OS level. Our storage is TSM server.


Thanks with Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Good Day

If you don't have the backup logs in the /oracle/SID/sapbackup location then by querying the TSM server you can get a reasonable information.

There will be a .utl file used by the backup. You will need to query the TSM server with this utl file using the backfm utility.

You will get a list of backups represented by the backup ID's and you can see the contents of the backup and the date the backup was taken by tabbing them.

The same applies to MaxDB live Cache system.

The backups for MaxDB are taken to the file system level by taking a dump and then this dump is backed up to the TSM server (A typical file system backup here)



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Please check these note may help you.

OSS 1869119 - Checking backups using hdbbackupcheck

OSS 1913568 - Support Process for Symantec's NetBackup



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If you are using RMAN backup tool then follow the steps .

1. Login into database server using ora<adm>.

2. Enter command RMAN TARGET SYS/pwd@target_str.

3. Here we will get RMAN prompt. then enter command LIST BACKUP

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If you are using Oracle RMAN backups (UTL_RMAN) then you might have an RMAN catalogue database...

If you don't have an RMAN catalogue database but you are using RMAN, then you can pull possibly 30 days of backup details from the database control files.
You need to check out the Oracle RMAN help pages to query the RMAN backup details using the "list backup of database" commands.

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even if you delete the logs you will still have the logs in the os level.


file backSID.log and *.anf


Rishi abrol