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Offset Variables

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Hi Experts,

What is offset variables...?

where it is used..?

and how to define this one..?

give fulll details with an example.

Thanx in Advance.


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Answers (3)

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First I shall start will the example -

I need a simple report say -

Customer, Product, Current yr sales, prev yr sales, prev to prev yr sales, prev to prev to prev yr sales.

so I want to see like this last five year.

For this kind of reporting I shall be usind Offset variables, see how do I get these sales key figures-

1. KF1 - 0Sales Key figure + time Variable restricting it to current year (2006).

2. Prev year - KF1 offset variable qith "-1" (minus 1)

3. prev to prev year - KF1 offset variable qith "-2" (minus 2)

Similarly for other years as well.

How to define it - create a new key figure - by right click on KF section in BEx & choose "New Selection" -- now take 0Sales (KF) to right & Time ( year in this case) to right, set value to time as current year

Define another Key figure as mentioned above & right click on variable by "-1".

it should help.



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Thanx all,

Radio buttons are invisible I ll assign points later.



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Offset variables are used in reporting.


You have created a variable for fiscal year period. The user enters the fisacal year period, say 001.2006.

now in the report you need to show data for 001.2005 also, them on the variable created you can set and offset (variable -1) where it will fetch data for 001.2005. Like this based upon single variable value you can set offsets for diff periods to get data for diff periods.

I hope this will help you.

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