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Offline BOR ?

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Hi everybody,

I know how I can get the XML-metadata of a BAPI with JCO - like this:

JCO.Client connection = JCO.createClient(properties);
JCO.Repository myRep = new JCO.Repository("myRep", connection);

IFunctionTemplate ft = myRep.getFunctionTemplate(bapiName.toUpperCase());
JCO.Function function = ft.getFunction();


But this only gets me the Metadata of <b>ONE</b> BAPI - not all of them.

I would like to create some sort of offline BAPI Repository, where one can select a BAPI via its name, press a button and then receive all the parameters (import, export, table) as XML.

SAP's .NET Connector has a nice feature in the Server Explorer, where all existing BAPIs of a SAP system are shown.

Is there any possibility to receive such a BAPI list via JCo? I don't need the whole metadata in the first step, just the list of BAPI names.



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Hello Andreas,

Have you managed to solve this problem?

I'm looking for suck implementation and was wandering if you succeeded.

In addition, I'm trying to operate the "RPY_BOR_TREE_EXPAND" function with no success - is there a chance you give me a hand in this?

Thanks in advance...