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Offline Approval in SAP ECC 6.0

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Hello experts,

Requirement: Approvers should be able to approve SAP workitems from Outlook mailbox without directly logging into SAP.

From my searches in SDN, I understand that Extended Notification along with Single Sign On will take care of most of the requirement, except that the approvers still need to have SAP login credentials and they will actually be executing the SAP workitem from the shortcut in the Outlook email.

Although Extended Notification provides a number of advantages over RSWUWFML2 in terms of HTML support, Web UI Support, consolidation and forwarding of workitems and such; the core functionality is still the same i.e. providing SAP workitem shortcuts in an external email.

Is there any way, we can get actual offine approval functionality in ECC like it works in SRM? The following wiki describes the steps required.

This is not available in ECC but is there something similar?

Or can a similar functionality be developed on the ECC side?

Has anyone attempted some development on similar lines?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and advices.



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Is there any update ?

Somebody already developed it in ECC ?

I cannot use DUET as we are not using outlook as mail client but gmail pro.

Any inputs will be appreciated




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Hi Yann,

please check if below link helps you out and let know ur feedback.