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Office Integration!

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I wanted to integrate Office products like word, excel in Web Dynpro and then to publish on portal.

Does any one have step-by-step guide on how to integrate office products using ABAP. Actually I have started using SE80 but I'm getting the error called "Office control must be bound" after activating the Web Dynpro component.

Please forward me step-by-step guide .



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Answers (3)

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namskar amey ,

Got more info over it .

Office Integration Library

The Office Integration Library and its OfficeControl UI element allows you to display a PDF document within a Web Dynpro application.

● Microsoft Word documents with the doc file extension

● Microsoft Excel documents with the xls file extension

● StarOffice Calculator documents with the ods file extension

● StarOffice Writer document with the odt file extension


&#9679; Installation of Microsoft Office or StarOffice.

For more information about Office versions supported by SAP see note 722513.

&#9679; ActiveX must be activated in the browser.</b>

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Hi amay ,

If you want to run Office Product in Dynpro you need to <b>Configure Ofiice Control</b> while you install Dynpro .

It seems that It is not configured in your case.The way in which if you want Use Adobe interactive form in WD ABAP you need to configure Adobe control .Similar way you need Office Controls Configured.

For Example See WD component <b>WDR_Test_events</b> .In that see View <b>BG_Nice_example_01</b> . Business graphics UI element you can see For <b>Customizing Proprty -> area01.xls</b> . that xls is added in MIME objects .

Hope this has cleared your question to some extent.

Cheers !!!


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Hi Amey,

You should get all the details you want in package: SIOS.

You will find test applications on office integration here .. this covers both MS office as well as Star Office applications..