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ODS to cube

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I have 2 POS ODS’s , one contains 26 weeks daily POS data and the other one contains 78 weeks of weekly POS data. The first one is at the POS Date level and the second one is at the week end date level. And my week starts on a Saturday and ends on a Friday. I have to bring the data from both the ODSs into my cube on a week end basis.

Can anyone throw in some thoughts, how I can achieve this.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Using the Export Data Source of each ODS create an Update Rule in order to connect to you InfoCube. SO in RSA1, choose the context menù voice "Create Update Rules". In the next screen mark "ODS Object" and do specify the name of your ODS.

Since the data granularity of your ODS is different (did I understood well?) you should choose an homogeneous time base: probably it's better working on week (0CALWEEK), month (0CALMONTH) and so on in the Cube.

SO go to the tab "Time Reference" and for the Characteristics desinged in the CUbe do create a Routine that converts the values of the time characteristic of the ODS to the format used in the InfoCube.

Hope it's clear


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