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ODS/Parallel Processing/ROIDOCPRMS documentation

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Can anyone point me to documentation for 3.0b that would address table ROIDOCPRMS and what each parameter does? How it affects the data load from ODS to ODS?

We have an ODS to ODS load where the records are not being loaded in sequential order and so the 'overwrite' on the characteristics gives incorrect results.

Also, can anyone tell me how to override the system parameters for ROIDOCPRMS in the scheduler (advice from ODD without the how)? We use the SAP generated InfoSource and InfoPackages to load the subsequent ODS from the initial ODS.

Thanks for any help with the above,

Diane Merrill

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About ODS specific settings take a look in SPRO Business Information WareHouse / General BW Settings / ODS Specific settings (or TCODE RSCUSTA2). These parametrs are GENERAL for all ODS, so consider the impact on the other ODSs.

If your requirement deals with a specifi ODS only perhaps it's better to work on th InfoPackage: Processing Load only PSA + Update subsequently in Data Target. This way you load with two serialized Processes, without any kind of parallelism.

Did you consider a "Fake Delta" loading? You could even create a Generic Datasurce on Active Data Table (/BIC/A<ODS Name>00) using a files as Delta meaningfull.

It seems, from what you say, that a single record is affected by many Changes in "lower" ODS ... and this leads to undesired values in "higher" one. Probably it's better to give some more details on Keys and Data Flows involved ...

Best Regards