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ods error

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I wanted to load a content cube.It has one of the infosources as an ODS.

This ODS gets data from Infosource 2lis_11_vaitm.

The data is loaded into the psa before going to the ODS.But In ODS i get the error,

No SID found for value K4 of characteristic 0Fiscvariant.And in the SAP note it says to go to function module and assign 0unit or 0currency to 1_chasm.

Is this safe?

Did anybody face this problem.

I will really appreciate if i get some help.



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I answered you in the other forum ...

Best Regards


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I have a similiar problem. ODS data activation fails with the following error from the display log. No SID found for value 'HRS' of characteristic 0UNIT

I have checked the following:

1. txn: CUNI - All entries for 'hrs' are present.

2. Checked table T006 - Under MSEHI value 'STD', the value 'hrs' value is present in field MSEH6.

3. I did transfer global settings.

I checked teh sid table for 0unit and the value 'hrs' is not there.

How can I get this resolved ?

Appreciate your time.

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Units have two different values, an internal one (in your case STD) and an external (language dependent) one (HRS).

In your ODS the data must be stored in internal value. This works fine if you upload from R/3 but you may have problems with flat files containing 'HRS'.

Now you can either switch on conversion in the update rules or you may use the function module CONVERSION_EXIT_CUNIT_INPUT. Note that both things work differently depending on the logon language so if someone is logged on in french and loads up data with english texts he still gets the error values.

To prevent this before aggregation I'd switch on 'Referential integrity' in the InfoSource.

Best regards