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ODS Activation queue not getting cleared after activation

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Dear Experts,

I have a strange situation in my BI 7.0 system. Within one ODS I have an activation queue (new data table) of around 34Gb in size. As far as I know, this table should be empty, because all requests are activated correctly.

Every night a delta is loaded into the ODS and there are no errors. But still the data remains also in the activation queue.

In fact: All requests since the initialization still reside in the activation queue.

My question is: Can I savely delete all data from the activation queue?

It is only occuring for one ODS, all other ODS'es do clear the activation queue succesfully.

Here is a part of the log for the last delta load, which might lead to the actual problem:

07.10.2008 00:07:39 Program RSBATCH_EXECUTE_PROZESS successfully scheduled as job BIBCTL_D48V1ORBHRBOPNPN3S8I1RUEC with ID 00073900        RSM            703
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Parallel processes (for Activation); 000003                                                                       RSODSO_TOOLS        018
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Timeout for parallel process (for Activation): 000600                                                             RSODSO_TOOLS        019
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Package size (for Activation): 020000                                                                             RSODSO_TOOLS        020
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Task handling (for Activation): Backgr Process                                                                    RSODSO_TOOLS        021
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Server group (for Activation): No Server Group Configured                                                         RSODSO_TOOLS        022
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Parallel processes (for SID Gener.); 000003                                                                       RSODSO_TOOLS        018
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Timeout for parallel process (for SID Gener.): 000600                                                             RSODSO_TOOLS        019
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Package size (for SID Gener.): 020000                                                                             RSODSO_TOOLS        020
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Task handling (for SID Gener.): Backgr Process                                                                    RSODSO_TOOLS        021
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Server group (for SID Gener.): No Server Group Configured                                                         RSODSO_TOOLS        022
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Activation started (process is running under user OLTP_RFC)                                                     RSODSO_PROCESSING     029
07.10.2008 00:07:40 All data fields updated in mode "overwrite"                                                                       RSODSO_TOOLS        023
07.10.2008 00:07:40 Process 000001 for determining SID for InfoObject 0STORNO started                                               RSODSO_PROCESSING     045


Steven Groot

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Don't see anything wrong with the log. You might check the system log to see if there is any DB error message when it attemtps to delete the data after it has committed the updates to the active table.

Is there anything differnt about this DSO, e.g. it's loaded using DTP and other still use 3.5 methods?

There are some OSS Notes regarding activation timing and the highest activated request that could be at the root of the problem. I would be reluctant to just delete the data without having found the caused and solution. I'm assuming you reconcile the DSO to R3 in some way to be sure that the DSO is not missing any data - I would certainly at least perform that validation before deleting anything.

Answers (7)

Answers (7)

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Dear Experts,

Finally I got some input from SAP about this issue, which resolved the error.

Within the table RSODSACTREQ, there was an entry with an errorstatus. This entry was the cause of the activation queuenot being deleted.

As quoted by SAP in response to my OSS Message:

The RSODSACTREQ table records requests which have been activated.

However, sometimes this table can contain requests which have actually

already been deleted.

The timestamp for this request (REQU_ELCCK3YPESODU19NXQH9BQZ70) is the

19th of Feb 07, yet there is no such request in the ODS (first request

is the 20.02.2007).

Such a request, which has an entry in RSODSACTREQ with status "2"

will prevent deletion of the new data table.

If the request does not exist anymore in the change log table and there

is no data for the request in the active table, then you can resolve

this inconsistency by deleting the entries for this request from table

RSODSACTREQ, and then the activation queue will be truncated with the

next successful activation.

Maybe you can use this information if it is applicable to your situation as well.


Steven Groot

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Steven, we are having this problem as well. Could you post what your solution was? Thanks.

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Dear Experts,

Thanks for your input. I have checked the data in the 'new data' table with the 'active data' table and all records are matching. There are no missing records in the 'active data' table.

Before I actually will delete the contents of the 'new data' table, I will first wait for a response on my request to SAP. If they have a good solution, I will post it overhere as well.


Steven Groot

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Please check the data in the New Table and Active Table.

If you have data in active table for every new table data.

Then i think your ODS activation is sucessfulll.

It happens sometime that due partial activation of ODS request doesnt get deleted from Activation Queue.

Hope it helps...

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Thanks you all for your quick answers!

I have checked the system log for the last few days, but there are no DB errors that lead to this activation issue.

This ODS is still a standard ODS which is loaded using update rules (BW 3.5), just like all other ODS'es. The ODS is attached to the 2LIS_13_VDITM datasource, without many modifications.

Today's data was activated successfully. I have run the RSRV check "Test of Currency of the Generated Program for DataStore object". This check finished succesfully as well.

Also when I check the changelog for this ODS, it is displaying the correct data.

For each document number there are two records in the changelog. One with REQU_ and one with ODSR_. In my opinion this also confirms that the last request was succesfully activated.

But, again one request was added to the "activation queue" and it wasn't deleted after activation. And it exactly matches the number of added records under "Manage".

I will send a message to SAP. But if you have other ideas in the meantime, I'd love to hear them!



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This is really strange as Activation queue has to be cleared out once activation is done...and this is AUTOMATICALLY. If all the request are activated successfully, then you can delete the activation queue. Lets monitor the further request in the activation queue. If its not getting deleted after activation, you shoul try contacting SAP, because this should not happen actually. Have a look on your change log table also.

I hope you are dealing with the standard DSO.



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Hi Groot,

Try to check and repair at RSRV. If required re-generate update program.

Hope it Helps