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ODS Activation Issue

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Here is a problem I am facing when I am trying to activate the ODS through Process chains , it would be gr8 if anyone can suggest

1) Value 'BP063005ULP ' (hex. '4250303633303035554C5009') of characteristic 0OI_PBATCH contains invalid characters

For this I have checked in RSKC and found every thing is consistent and I even checked the record in PSA and found no error.

These are the step by step error messages in found in ‘Display messages’ for the failed ODS Activation process type.

1)Error getting SID for ODS object ZBF_O03

2) Value 'BP063005ULP ' (hex. '4250303633303035554C5009') of characteristic 0OI_PBATCH contains invalid characters

3) Error when assigning SID (details in long text

4)Activation of data records from ODS object ZBF_O03 terminated

What all I have done to rectify this

1)Repeated the ODS Activation Process Type. But no use.

1)Checked PSA Record and found no issue

2)Checked RSKC for special char and found no issue

3)Activated Master data for the 0OI_PBATCH and reconstructed the request in ODS.But no use.

It would be great if any body can suggest me regarding this.

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Answers (5)

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HI Anil,

It shows clearly invalid characterstic in the Data record.So go to PSA check record by record in the Data packet where invalid character exist then delete that invalid char manually and save it.

Come to ODS manage screen and delete the failed request and load data again.

I hope this helps for you.



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Hi Anil,

I see that your Value 'BP063005ULP ' (hex. '4250303633303035554C50<b>09</b>') contains a TAB symbol (hex 09). This is not permitted symbol. You can not insert it into RSKC table.

Look at code examples for this symbol elimination:

Best regards,


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Hi Anil,

Check the SID table consistency for 0OI_PBATCH in RSRV. If you see any errors, correct it and then try Activating the data again.

The SID tables for object 0OI_PBATCH seems to be correct. The above procedure shd help you fix it.

I hope you are using the ODS for reporting. If not, uncheck the Enable BEX reporting Flag in ODS settings which will disable this SID creation/check during the Activation of ODS.



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Hi ,

Check the record in PSA ,And find out any Special character are there. If so, Add them to BW system with RSKC.

And also check any letter in the value is in Lower case.If so, take the help of Transfer rule to convert into upper.

With rgds,

Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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Sorry forget to write OSS note .

Try 536900 note.

Nohe this will help you.


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Hi Anil,

If you are not using the ODS for reporting then remove the "BEx Reporting" .

If you are using ODS for reporting let us know.

Hope this will help.