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ODS Activation failed - Communication error (RFC call) occurred

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Hi All,

While activating ODS (BW3.5), we are getting this below error.

Communication error (RFC call) occurred

Activation of data records from ODS object A2Z1OWEB terminated

No confirmation for request ODSR_4KGJ2HIBEH68WPDF9U5J3TNKB when activating the ODS object A2Z1OWEB

Request REQU_4KHXEKWQB8G29LZ54Z2OFLHMZ, data package 000001 incorrect with status 9 in rsodsacstreq

Request REQU_4KHXEKWQB8G29LZ54Z2OFLHMZ, data package 000001 not correct

Inserted records 1-; Changed records 1-; Deleted records 1-

Datasource is flat file based, from this we are loading data to ODS. We are loading only 2records. The datasource is active, connection check is ok. There is no SID issue also.

Need your inputs urgently.



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I think this issue is because of high disk space consumption. I think to resolve this Basis team should be contacted and if they are in a position to extend the same it possibly won't happen. This is purely because of disk space.

Please check in the transaction DB02 and verify the percentage of use (Production system) PSABWP. This needs to be get to less percentage indeed to solve this issue. At the same time please delete OLD PSAs to get few move on.

I hope this helps all.