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ODS activation fail.

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Hai to all,

Today iam facing a problem while activating a ODS ZFIAC_O1.Here iam giving the error messages.

1.<u><b>"Request xxxxxxxxx, Data Package 235 incorrect with status 6" </b></u>

when i drill down to error iam getting message that

"<b> Request REQU_40CCEZS8RF6U8NMKOKKALHYJK, data package 000235 contains errors with status 6 in

table 'RSODSACTREQ' but this data package is missing in the return


2. Communication error (RFC call) occurred.

Can anyone pl help me to get out of this.

Thanks in advance


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Answers (3)

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Try load upto only PSA and load to data target and see if it works..

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Hi ,

ODS Activatio can fail due to many reasons...for the error message posted by u it seems like there is table space problem in the system . Ask ur basis guys to check the table space . If that is not the problem then try to activate the request manually . If that also does not help then u need to load the request once again and activate it . if that does not help then u can go to RSSFPCLA and set Ods activation program to Generation Required.

Also try to set parameters in RScustA2.



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take a look oss note 868051, 790249, 672289, 634458, 84348

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Hi Shyam,

Hope it was looking like short dump error. Go to T.code st22 it will give more details.


Check the job details of ods activation it will give more details.

if it is short dump then inform to basis people to increase table space.. or delete PSA data for some info source.