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Odd extra pages print after ANY SAP report

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Any time I or anyone prints anything from SAP to my printer this extra page follows. No matter if it's an automatic report or manually printed. Or if I generate the report or someone else does. Every time. Only on this particular printer too. NO other printer connected to SAP has these pages print and no other desktop application have these pages follow it's respective print job. Only SAP. Another odd thing is no other print will come out of the printer until this page is printed. The queue is delayed. SAP generated or otherwise. Unless the page is manually cancelled on the printer. If the same exact report is printed one right after the other, 2 different odd pages will come up with the same type of text format but with differing text.


Windows 7 Ent.

Printer: HP LaserJet P2035n (current driver and firmware)

NOTE: Older driver and firmware were tested and same pages come up.

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Pls check if note 1565160 applies for your case.


Jie Bai

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Thank you for your reply.

I'm not familiar with "note 1565160" and how to look it up. I'm very new to SCN and SAP in general. Can you point me in the right direction?

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To view a note (SAP-OSS Note) you need to go to and log in with your S-User.

When you do not have a own S-User you need to ask your it-department. Someone need to know that at least.

You also can view the SAP notes via the transaction SNOTE if you are able to use this transaction.

While writing this answer it seems you are perhaps not a member of the IT-Deck in your company. If this is true report the issue to them and they will take care about it.


BTW: The mentioned note is not released yet.