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Odd/Even pages with data from two tables

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Hi Forum,

Can you please extend help/suggest with the following scenario:

I have two data tables and one table records needs to be printed on odd pages (Front page) and the other table records need to be printed on even pages (Back page). I need alternating front and back pages based on data records in the tables. Also second table will be having lesser records when compared with first table.

I'm able to get the alternating Odd/Even master pages. But the first table is being printed in both the odd/even pages first and then the second table is being printed in both the odd/even pages. How can I restrict the printing of the first table on odd page and second table on even page?

Thanks for your help/suggestions.


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You can play with pagination tab in your LCD tab, but I have never learnt enough to be able to use it effectively.

If I were in your shoes, I would alter the DDIC structures in the backend so you will only display it in the form, without any suicidal actions through the pagination, scripting or similar stuff.

How: If you need to alter pages, you can do that in your backend, right?

Like you can have a structure page with attributes:

- up/ front: data for the front page

- down/back: data for the back page

and you will alter the data in the table with this structure as a line in your ABAP program and will use to form to display the trnaformated data only.

Well... I don´t tell it is clear/right/ proper solution and cannot tell if there are any obstacles which will not let you use this scenario in your case, but you could consider this as an option...

Regards Otto