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OData Upsert Response in French as opposed to English

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Hi All, 

I am trying to investigate if we can dictate the language in which SuccessFactors returns a response to CPI. 

I am currently working on an interface where I fetch data from SF via a GET call using the Odata v2 adapter. The response received in this case is in English.

However, when I upsert with a POST call via an OData v2 adapter. I get the response in French. 

I tried testing this via Postman and in this scenario, via an HTTP call, I got the response in English. The same with CPI when I change the adapter from HTTP to Odata v2, I get the response back in English.

With the Odata v2 adapter, I tried sending the headers: Accept-Language: en also sap-language en but I still got the response back in French. Has anyone experienced this or found a way to resolve it?

Any input is appreciated. 


Response Received from CPI above


Response received from Postman.






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You could add a query parameter sap-language=en.  However, it would be odd for the language to be different based on the client if you are logging in with the same account.



Ryan Crosby

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Thanks Ryan, appreciate your time and input. Yes, the same set of credentials acting up differently on postman and cpi and between get and post calls. I did try passing the header you suggested