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Object Transfer

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Hello Friends,

We have in our landscape a development , testing and production servers for BW 3.5.

I am working on Development system. Now how can i transport the objects developed into testing & production systems. How can i keep track of the objects.

What is is this concept of development class? why is it usefull ? what are requests?

Pls put up all your ideas on these.

Thank you

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Answers (2)

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You can ask your basis guy to transport the request.

You can trace back about transport request in Tcode SE10. In this Tcode you can check the status of the transport and can check to which system it is being moved.



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Whenever you create an object in the Development box it would prompt you to assign it to a Development Class(or package) and also to a transport request. The transport request would contain all the objects that you need to transport together.

Development Class: Related objects in BW are grouped together in a package. The package determines the transport layer that defines the transport attributes of an object.

In SAP, the transport requests are used to keep track of the objects.

Hope I have made things clear.

Note:- If you save your BW objects as local objects it assigns a package $tmp. You would not be able to transport local objects.



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