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Object Page mandatory fields validation message using CAP annotation

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Hi, Colleagues

I'm trying to create an object page with mandatory fields validation using CAP annotation, but I found the error message seems are missing field label text, however I found it is possible to display the label using a fragment view <f:FormElement label="{i18n>DestinationHeader.url}">

any idea how I can done it with CAP annotation?

annotate MasterDataService.DestinationHeaders with {
name @mandatory; destinationType @mandatory; authentication @mandatory; oauth_url @mandatory; url @mandatory; client_Id @mandatory; client_Secret @mandatory;
}annotate MasterDataService.DestinationHeaders with { name @title : '{i18n>}' destinationType @title : '{i18n>DestinationHeader.destinationType}' @readonly; description @title : '{i18n>DestinationHeader.description}'; authentication @title : '{i18n>DestinationHeader.authentication}' @readonly; oauth_url @title : '{i18n>DestinationHeader.oauth_url}' url @title : '{i18n>DestinationHeader.url}';
client_Id @title : '{i18n>DestinationHeader.client_Id}'; client_Secret @title : '{i18n>DestinationHeader.client_Secret}';} HeaderFacets : [{ $Type : 'UI.ReferenceFacet', ID: 'DestinationHeaderFacetIdentifier', Label : ' ', Target : '@UI.FieldGroup#Main' },

Identification : [{ $Type : 'UI.DataFieldForAction', Action : 'MasterDataService.sendAction', Label : '{i18n>DestinationHeader.send}', }],

FieldGroup #Main : {Data : [
{Value : destinationType}, {Value : url}, {Value : authentication}, {Value : oauth_url}, {Value : client_Id}, {Value : client_Secret},

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