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Object page for a SAP analytical list page per CDS view annotations

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I create an SAP analytical list page per CDS view and annotations. It works. Now I want to create an object page. My problem the fields are only displayed at the object page if they are also displayed in the analytical table of the main page.

In my coding first I defined a facet with identification reference.




id: 'Invoice',


label: 'General Information',

position: 10 }


After that I tried to display the field with the annotation @UI.identification.

@UI.lineItem: { position: 80, label: 'Project' } 
@UI.identification: [{ position: 10, importance: #HIGH }]
project_number as ProjectNumber,
@UI.identification: [{ position: 20, importance: #HIGH }]
order_number as OrderNumber

In this example project_number is displayed at the object page, because it’s shown in the analytical table. The order_number is not displayed at the object page.

My question: how can I display the fields at the object page of an analytical list page only?

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