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NWDS Performance: "Update Registration of Projects finished in ..." message

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I'm experiencing severe performance issues with the Netweaver Developer Studio (NWDS).

In the status bar the message "Update Registration of Projects finished in [time]" appears were the time counts up. This process is very CPU intensive and sometimes takes over a minute to finish. While it is active, no operations like Save, Build, etc. are executed.

This occurs for example after a build or even on simple property change of a DC, sometimes even after I save an editor.

The Development Computer is a Windows XP Installation with a Dual Core Processor and 4 GB of RAM.

I noticed this on several other NWDS installations as well.

Is there a way to invoke this process only on demand (e.g. if a build is done)? Does anyone know what this process does in detail and why it is so CPU intensive and executed on every simple action?



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Never had an issue like that.

Try to see what process is taking CPU during this "hang" time (Task manager or sysinternals).

Try to run NWDS with a newer version of JDK.