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NWDI in the XI scenarion, SLD

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I have created a track to transport the XI content.

We are currently using 2 SLDs. the first for the XI which contains all the XI business system details and the second SDL only for NWDI.

The SLD for NWDI currently has only the Software Component details and does'nt contain and system details.

My question-

DOes the SLD for NWDI need XI system details???? According to my understanding, NWDI needs only the component information from the SLD. The actual transport of the sources is done using the SDM. Am i correct??



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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that's true. You will require XI component information in NWDI only if you are maintaining any objects like modules, services for XI using NWDI.

When coming to transports, you can maintain tracks to maintain the information for XI as well as NWDI seperately.

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