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NWDI doubts

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Hello People

I Have unique authorization requirement for SAP XI Version 7.0 SP6 (ABAP/JAVA) STACK. The costumer wants to use one XI instance for the whole company; this means, different business scenery projects using the same XI instance. The authorization requirements is to create a security mechanism to protect every business scenery distinctly

For example:

One group of developers can only work in your specific scenary and can't touch or see the development of another project

In the same project May I give especific and different authorizations for each member of the same group

Thanks a lot

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Yes this is possible:

The most robust way to set this up is as follows:

1. Define separate Products and SC's for the different projects in the SLD

2. Create separate tracks in CMS

3. Define separate groups in the UME for the different Development teams

4. Set up track-based authorization in CMS

5. Set up ACLs on the different Development Configurations generated from the tracks in the DTR

6. Start adding users to the groups you defined

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Thanks for the answer it was very helpful

But I have two doubts

There is any problem if these different projects belong to different SAP products such as ECC 6.0 , SRM etc and I can use only one NWDI environment to control every thing.

If it’s possible I really appreciate any documentation about I ‘ve searched a lot without success

Thanks a lot

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You can build and deploy anything you want with NWDI: Each track has it's own runtime systems to deploy to, which can for example be Enterprise Portals, XI, SRM, etc. as long as the runtime systems are NetWeaver 2004/2004s based.

We are currently doing developments for Enterprise Portal and XI with one NWDI installation for example.