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NWDI 2004s sp11 : impossible to bluid iViews

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We are experiencing iViews compilation issues in our TRACK because the following used component cannot be found:

To reproduce the issue, just create a DC of type Enterprise portal SDA in a TRACK and try to compile it locally or using CBS.

the compilation works fine for any DCs built locally. Local Developments hold a reference to the EP_BUILDT SC that references the missing component. Once the DC is created in the Track, the reference to EP_BUILDT is missing and the build fails.

The Track was setup correctly, and the three required components SAP-JEE, SAP_BUILDT, and SAP_JTECHS (for sp11) were imported successfully. We even tried to import EPBUILDT11_0-XX.SCA into the track using the CMS WebUI with no success. The SCA won't even show in the check in queue.

It's also important to note that using NW2004 everything works fine, the DC is bundled with SAP_BUILDT, that's not the case anymore with 2004s.

Actually, the 2004s SLD itself doesn't even have a reference to a 'EP BUILD TOOL' SC as explained in the documentation.

"For Enterprise Portal Application development with SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI), a track with the following Software Component Build dependencies has to be configured:


How to you get EP BUILD TOOL to work using NWDI ?

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Answers (2)

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Did you have to do anything after the steps you've mentioned above?

We have a similiar problem and can't seem to resolve it using the steps above.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Well I am affraid you will need to provide more details.

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Well I am affraid you will need to provide more details. Please let me know what you see, errors, msg..anything.

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I am facing similar issue, even after following your steps EP_BUILDT fails to show up in check-in tab on CMS transport studio. However, when trying to update CMS it gives the following error.

Unexpected error; inform your system administrator: <Localization failed: ResourceBundle='', ID='SLD name-server configuration error', Arguments: []> : Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key SLD name-server configuration error

Any help is greatly appreciated



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After a few days of intensive readings, I am answering my own post.

The SLD needs to be upgraded with the latest CIM data in order for it to show the EP_BUILDT sca.

Go to service marketplace, Software download, Support Packages and Patches&#61474; Additional Components&#61474; SAP CR CONTENT&#61474; SAP MASTER DATA FOR SLD 2.0

Download the latest CRDelta*.ZIP file

Then open the SLD (http://<sldhost>:<port>/sld)

Goto - Administration - Content: Import

Pick the file and following the instructions to upgrade the SLD contents

Last step, refresh CMS

• Goto http://<sldhost>:<port>/devinf

• Click the CMS link

• Click CMS Landscape Configurator – Domain Data Tab – Update CMS