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NW Workplace MaxDB No Hardwarekey

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we are trying zu license our local J2EE-NW-Workplace-Installation (PC, MaxDB). Therefore we should provide a Hardwarekey, which should be found in VisualAdmin. But there is no Hardwarekey registered. What can we do in order to prolongate our Installation.

Thanx, Andi

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Answers (2)

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Thank you very much!

Thanks to the msmon.exe - Tool I could find out the necessary hardwarekey to get the license.

The next problem now is, how to install it.

Visual-Admin --> License Key Adapter offers no Button to install a license, apparently because there hasn't yet been installed one. Also I can't find any saplicense.exe -File on the harddisk, which might enable me to install.

Can you help me again?

Thanx Andi

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Hi Andi,

unfortunately, I know no other tool to install the license. Since the Visual Administrator of your system does not work as expected (does not provide the install button), you could open an OSS message and have the SAP support tackling this problem.



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Hi Andreas,

where did you search for the Hardware key? Was it in the Licensing Adapter Service in the Visual Admin?

In case this does not display the hw key for some reason, you can try to get the hardware key of the message server (it's the same that is used for licensing).

To do that, you can try using the Message Info Service in the visual administrator. Browse to the server -> Services -> Message Info -> Runtime tab. You should see the hardware ID (along with your system ID) on this screen.

An alternative way to check that is to use the <b>msmon.exe</b> tool (executable is located in the \usr\sap\<SID>\SCS<ID>\exe directory). For more information about how to use that tool, refer to the command line help messages.

Hope that helps!