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Number of files in folder

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Is it possible by use of standard functionality to add number of files in a folder?

I was thinking of a solution like this: [icon] [foldername] (number of files) --> "My work (23)”

Another question to the folder part – I have 4 separate folder that contains folders inside; I need to create an alphabetic list of all the content from the four folders. Is this possible by use of standard portal functionality?

Kind regards

John Stubbe

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello John,

Yes, this is possible. The standard provides the property rnd:childcount (see Property Metadata Service -> Properties). In order to make it visible in a navigation iview add this property to the parameter Displayed Properties where you would like to see it. A new column will be shown if you use "...,rnd:childcount,...". if you use "...+rnd:childcount,..." the value is added directly to the previous displayed property.

Moreover you need to specify design of the child count property in the Resource Renderer. The parameter Mode For Child Count allows you to choose what exactly is counted, e.g. only folders, only files, etc.

Kind regards,


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Thanks Roland

It works now, but on the first render-set i didn't work.



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