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Number of days issue

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Hello everyone,

Here is my problem. My user wants to have the number of days in a report based of an interval dates from posting date.

This is simple enough, i can just uses a formula variable to give the difference between the dates.

But, if the user desided to drop in the posting period into the results rows, the user would like each period to show only the days in that period.

So 01/05/2001 - 03/01/2001

Would show a total 49

If the user puts period in the results the user wants to see

Period 1 Period 2 Period 3

26 28 1

Any ideas?


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Answers (2)

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There should be a records for each period, but there can be multiple records for each period.

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The only way this would be possible is by using a virtual key figure where you can write your own logic.

However, that will result in query cache not being used and hence low on performance.

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It looks like your calculations doesn't depend on the date that the report is executed.

Aren't you able then to calculate that differences on the data upload writing the result to a new key figure?

If you have a record per each period then the solution is easy. If not... well then we'll have to think about another solution

Hope it helps.