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Number of Archived IDocs: 0

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Hi Experts,

We are facign a problem while archiving IDOCs.

We have complete set up for IDOC archiving. Maintained teechnical settings in SARA, assigning logical path and physical path etc. We have also been successfully archving IDOCs for long time.

Few weeks ago; due to some problem the phyical directory archive under /usr/sap/trans got deleted due to some issue. Since then; we are not able to do IDOC archiving. The job does not pick any IDOC ad log shows 'Number of Archived IDocs: 0'

We have re-created the directory and its also read from SARA when we see in 'Archive Directory'.  But still same problem continues. Job log says 'Number of Archived IDocs: 0'. Though we can see teh IDOC in BD87 and the status is also 03 which is set as "archivable". While try to see logs in SARA, it mentions 'no log generated'

Could you please help if anyone has come across this situation.



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Hi Varun,

   Did you fix this issue? if it is, could you please share the solution.



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Hi Manu

Yes; the issue was resolved after creating a new variant in SARA for IDOC archive ; same as previous variant. There is no difference between new and old variant but we could not find why old variant started behaving like that (Not picking any IDOCs)