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Number formatting doesn't work when using PrintToPrinter Method

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I'm using Crystal report with Visual Studio .NET 2003.

I have created a report that reports numbers from database, the customized format used is "2 012 152" for numbers (thousands separator is space caracter). After editing 'Format Editor' dialog box my report is perfectly exported in PDF file but when i use PrintToPrinter method, numbers are printed without thousands separator. An idea ? Regards Yanick.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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First, see if the latest updates will help. these can be downloaded from here:

If that does not help, I'd recommend downloading an eval version of CR 2008 and see if that will work with the format. If it does, the decisions will then be to either obtain non eval version of CR 2008, or wait for a fix for your version of CR (version 9.1). Fixes are typically released 6 to 9 month once an issue has been reported and then reproduced by QA.


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