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NullPointerException at

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Dear all,

I have created one mobile application,with SyncBo,which

contain the getlist , getdetail and create wrapper function modules.(Using MDK 2.5 , server SP 13,Studio SP 13)

This create wrapper function module is internaly using some BAPI's , because of that , when the frame work calls the get detail function module after the create ,

the data coming is not complete. The key field selection and mapping is perfect (Its is working fine).

(one of the internally using function module has 10 second delay)

Because of this or commit work associated with BAPI, i am not getting sufficient data first, as i described above.

but after some time , in the next syncronization im getting the expected data.

if not wait , after sync, i am getting unexpected exception at the time of viewing the newly created data.

this is the Exception , that i got (below)









please help me to resolve this problem


Kishor G

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello kishor,

did you apply any patch for sp13?

patch 09 is the latest for sp 13. check on

note number 905518.

there are some fixes which could be related

to this problem.



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