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Null Handling in SAP Analytics Cloud with Live Connection

Hi SAP Community,

We access our HANA Cloud using a live connection/model from SAP Analytics Cloud. In Business Application Studio we build the required data models.

We want all null values of a column to be translated to e.g. not defined. We have already tried different approaches for this:

Initial situation:

Our first approach was to calculate a new field in SAC that works with ISNULL(). We also tried with = "NULL" in all variations.

In the second attempt we activated the null handling in the semantic settings of the view (i.e. in BAS) and then calculated the same field, only this time with ="".

In the last attempt, we introduced a default value in addition to the null handling, which replaces all nulls.

Unfortunately, all these approaches do not lead to the desired result. The output is unfortunately always the same:

Can someone please help us?

Many thanks and best regards,


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Hi Benedikt

I have the same issue to handle Null. Do you get a solution now?

Kind regards,


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try in your formula after the ISNULL([d/"MISSION_OVERVIEW":Difficulty].) put a dot and ctrl+space and select ID or Description in list.

Or do you get nothing or the same?

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Hi Aleksey,

thank you very much for the answer! I think I do not understand you correctly. I should make a dot after the IFNULL(...) and then press CTRL+SPACE, correct? In this case I don't get any ID or Description suggested:

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dot after *_RATING].

not after ")"

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In this case, I also get no ID or description suggested. Only what can be seen on the screenshot. When I select this suggestion, however, "(Null)" is still displayed instead of "Not defined".