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Now in English: Webservice / SecurityProtocol

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Soory, my first tempt was in germy! That's not so good in an english form.

I've installed the WAS 6.30 Developer Edition "Sneak Preview". For my own webservice test I generated and deployted a session Bean and a related webservice. A look at the Web-Admintool said it was all okay.

After that I generated the proxy for the webservice and wanted to start it, but the proxy can't load the class ''.

Does anyone knows the JAR in which the class must be. I can't find it! Or is it a problem with the "Sneak Preview" version?

Kindly Regards

*Stephan Freese

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Answers (1)

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Hello Stephan,

when you create a web service please make shure that the Default Configuration Type is set to "Simple SOAP" rather then "Basic Auth SOAP" or "Secure SOAP".

Also you may need to add libraries to the build-path of the component which uses the generated proxy. Go to the component (e.g. EJB) and right-click on it. Go in the drop-down menu to "Properties"and click on Java Build Path on the window that pops up. Then go to the tab "Libraries" on the right side of the window and click on the button "Add external JARs..." Then go to to the working directory you defined during installation of the Sneak Preview Edition. The JARs you may need (depending on the messages of the compiler) can be found at <Working Directory>eclipseplugins.