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Notification mail on Lotus notes BUT no workitem in SAP

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Hi Again!

I provide support to a production system.

Some Users recieve mail in Lotus notes (RSWUWFML2) that they have recieved workitems in their SAP inbox....

But infact there are no workitems in their SAP inbox..

I believe this problem relates to the well know topic - where some tasks are declared as 'General Tasks' and if it does not find a agent SAP send them to all!

Please share your views on any possible ways of restricting this or any action that can restrict this behavior.

thank you very much.


Vj Samuel

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Do you have any work items like that? Go to SWI1 and put the date and time of the email in there and look for dialog work items. If you see any, for each work item see the agents. If there are work items that have gone to every one (since they are general tasks without reponsible agent)then your assumption is correct.

Else we may have to look out for other reasons

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I have tried that option too....there are close to 500-600 workitems in that timeframe..since the ZWUWFML2 report is run in background for every one hr...

doesnt seem to work out..

do we have anyother option now?


Vj Samuel

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Perhaps this isn't a bug ? If your users have activated substitutes, the substitute could have executed/reserved the workitem(s) in question before the user enters his SAP inbox, then it would be empty


Morten Nielsen

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