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Notification - lists

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How can I get list of notifications, where particular person closed Task, but this person wasn't responsible for this task actually. I've tried to use QM12 and dynamic selection, where I Choose Completed by and enter a user name. Unfortunately this doesn't work out. Which criteria I should use?

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Hello Raja,

It works 🙂 Thank you!

By the way, could you also explain why do you use Selection Profile in Task status? I am not familiar with that.

Thank you once again,


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the quick feedback & confirmation.
This Selection profile used, to select only the list of the Closed Tasks.( As mentioned, you would like to pull the Closed Tasks only).

Hope, this is clear now. Kindly close this thread by accepting the solution provided & reward the points.
Many Thanks for the kind understanding & cooperation. Best Regards : Raja